All subjects from Grade 8 classes are contained in this category.

General Outcomes

 Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of safety and misuse when using technology

 Operate and take care of a computer and its common peripherals

 Use a computer to accomplish given tasks

 Appreciate the role computers play in everyday life.

 Demonstrate understanding and operating skills required for a variety of CS

 Communicate using appropriate multimedia to interact with others.

 Enable learners attain Entrepreneurship skills for survival

Key Competences

 Understand and apply requirements of CS ethics and security.

 Share their knowledge and skills through the internet

 Create posters and other advertisement materials for the school events.

 Ensure appropriate email address is used for formal communications.

 Carry out a detailed research programme related to computing.

 Collaborate and share knowledge and ideas with others


There will be two modes of assessments namely: Theory and a practical. Thus the examination of Computer Studies will be divided into two sections.

1. Theory (external assessment by the examinations board): 60%

2. Practical (Paper 2) (External – Examination board): 40%

Grade 8 English Language